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On Valentine's Day in 1996, Harry Potter and Cho Chang had a cup of coffee here, and sat by Roger Davies and his girlfriend.

Their date, however, turned out nightmarishly wrong; Harry already felt highly uncomfortable the moment he set eyes on the café's insides, as the decors reminded him of Umbridge's office and the intimate couples all around them made it even more awkward.

When Rand spoke of how she had been left behind while everyone else fled, she simply claimed that she had suffered far worse, and that she could have escaped but had not wanted to miss Danny's arrival.

Danny demanded access to all the information that was on the tablet he had stolen weeks prior, but Gao told him that she had purged all the data from her computers and that there is no copy left.

Soon after Madame Gao's heroin production warehouse was destroyed by the so-called "Devil of Hell's Kitchen," she withdrew from the scene and vanished to parts unknown.

Gao later became a person of interest to Daniel Rand when the young man returned to New York after many years absence and took an interest in Rand Enterprises, his father's old company.

This had Danny leave to confront Bakuto over this new allegation, leading to a complete falling out between them and resulting in a near complete evacuation of the compound and leaving Gao to sit forgotten and alone.

Some time later as Joy Meachum and Davos sat in a cafe and discussed the removal of Danny Rand, Gao eavesdropped on their conversation from a nearby table and smiled to herself.It only got worse when Cho started talking about Cedric, which made her cry, and when Harry mentioned (in a way that led to misunderstandings) Hermione Granger she became jealous and left dramatically, to the astonishment of the whole tearoom who stopped to watch them.Harry swiftly paid for the coffee and chased after her, but she had already disappeared from the street.Longevity: Madame Gao claims that she lived for many generations and civilizations and that she encountered various Iron Fists - aside from Danny Rand in her life time. Telekinesis: Madame Gao is shown to move an entire pallet of bricks without touching it, and is later also seen moving a car with the same technique while fighting Marvels Defenders.Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop was a small tea shop located on a side road off the High Street at Hogsmeade. A bell over the door announced customers in a tuneful tinkle; the round tables were decorated with lacy napkins and china sugar bowls, and cramped up the small shop to the point that Madam Puddifoot has great difficulty in moving in between tables to serve the couples.

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Irene woke up with a dreadful headache and since the pills didn't help, she called the ambulance.

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